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We have been developing properties since 2016

UGAREN is a company dedicated to providing a Comprehensive Service in the property market, carrying out direct management of the development, construction and refurbishment, as well as activities related to urban management, for which it has staff with accredited training and extensive experience. UGAREN plans, executes and coordinates every step until the delivery of the finished product. UGAREN responds to market demand, business needs and customer requests, in all sectors of construction; Residential, Industrial, Tertiary, Services, Infrastructure, Urbanisations.

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What do we do?

We develop properties
from concept to creation

  • Locating land

    Since its inception, UGAREN UGAREN has specialised in finding and obtaining land in areas of opportunity that have the best location, accessibility and marketability. We achieve this by acquiring development land for the subsequent uptake by third parties and by directly addressing the specific land needs of our clients . Although initially, the company limited its scope to the province of Bizkaia, today it has several developments in different locations nationwide.

  • Urban land use management

    UGAREN has a dedicated Urban Management department that has its own professional and qualified staff, with extensive experience in drafting all kinds of planning documents and in dealing with the different Public Administrations. Each Development benefits from individualised monthly monitoring in order to guarantee the achievement of the planning milestones and fulfillment of the commitments made to our clients.

  • À la carte Projects (ad hoc)

    UGAREN also has a Projects Department made up of highly qualified professionals with extensive experience who deal with each project in a comprehensive manner: from the initial inquiry to the delivery of the Development . To achieve this, depending on the type of project, the Department carries out the drafting of Preliminary Designs, Basic and Final Design, Activity Projects, Monitoring and Work Management, etc. The continuous accompaniment and advice to our clients is another of our hallmarks. As a result, we can attend to their particular needs and optimise our resources to deliver “à la carte” projects tailored to each client.

  • Comprehensive management of the development

    Although we can handle any one part of a project at UGAREN we specialise in the Comprehensive Management of each development. By Comprehensive Management, we mean that which encompasses the six main branches of each development: Land search, Urban Planning, Development, Projects, Production and Commercial. Each Department maintains constant communication with the others involved in the Development to optimise resources and shorten deadlines, which results in a significant reduction in setbacks caused by the discrepancies and/or inconsistencies that frequently affect companies that outsource much of their work.

  • Construction

    As a comprehensive developer UGAREN, has the advantage of having VUSA among the group's companies, a reputable and financially sound construction company capable of tackling any of our internal developments. VUSA has highly qualified construction managers and supervisors with extensive experience in different areas of construction dresidential, administrative, commercial, industrial and facilities, in addition to having completed a large number of unique buildings . UGAREN, in coordination with VUSA, has standardised construction solutions and product and systems quality, allowing us to optimise costs and continuously improve these solutions. All of this results in a very significant reduction in the number of incidents that reach the After-Sales Department.

  • • Sales management

    UGAREN has a dedicated Department, made up of highly qualified technicians and salespeople with extensive experience, in charge of ensuring the interest of our clients, from the moment they contact us with any type of need until the delivery of the Development. UGAREN is recognised for its diligence attention to detail and professionalism when it comes to the implementation of proposals offered as solutions to the specific needs of each client. This Department is also proactive in the search for clients, making use of all the commercial means at its disposal: advertising (digital and print), social media networks, establishing commercial relationships, etc.

Our values


  • • Quality

    At UGAREN we know that Quality must be a constant in each step of the Comprehensive Management of the Development, since to a great extent, two fundamental requirements for customer satisfaction depend on it: the meeting of deadlines and the optimisation of resources. To this end, we have a specific Department that works through a Comprehensive Management System (SIG) in charge of supervising, improving and implementing the standardisation of processes and ensuring compliance with protocols. Specifically, UGAREN has Aenor quality certifications in Business Management (ISO 9001: 2015), Environmental Management (ISO 14001: 2015) and Prevention of Occupational Risks (OSHAS 18001).

  • • Experience

    UGAREN was conceived as the developer branch of the VUSA business group, whose origin dates back to the year 1920. Although at the beginning of the 20th century, the company focused mainly on construction, for more than 20 years the Business Group has focused its main activity on Development. Over the last two decades, UGAREN has incorporated highly qualified professionals with extensive experience into its various departments , creating a team capable of undertaking any type of Development. In addition, during that period, it has designed and implemented a Comprehensive Management System that optimises the interdisciplinary collaboration between the six main branches of each Development: Land search, Urban Planning, Development, Projects, Production and Commercial.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility

    At UGAREN we are very aware of our Corporate Social Responsibility and we work on this responsibility along the following lines of action: the contribution to sustainable human development through the commitment and trust the company shows to its employees and their families, to society in general and the local community , with the intention of improving the social capital and quality of life for the entire community.

    Corporate social responsibility focuses on three aspects: care for the environment, the working conditions of its employees and support for humanitarian causes. Thanks to CSR we have achieved greater motivation and loyalty from workers, greater customer satisfaction and a better public image at the community level. /p>

  • Commitment

    Since the founding of UGAREN, our commitment to society has been one of its most notable hallmarks. This commitment is a natural part of our activity and contributes daily to our continuous improvement. This commitment is direct, with people and their families. It is collective, with employment and companies. It is social, with the environment and institutions. It is sustainable, aimed at the preservation of the environment. And it is collaborative, working with social organisations. We actively support cooperative social, sporting and cultural projects because they represent an indispensable part of our mission and values.

  • Innovation

    Our philosophy at UGAREN has always been innovation and, as such, it is essential to reinvent ourselves day by day, optimising processes and incorporating materials and solutions that combine efficiency, modernity and design. Therefore, we work tirelessly on the following: Sustainability: We incorporate improvements into our activity and into our construction processes that allow us to be more sustainable, generate less waste, achieve greater energy efficiency, reducing the demand for energy consumption, and, with it, levels of pollution.

    Lean Management: Our organisational work philosophy as a company is focused on the continuous improvement of processes through the incorporation of collaborative tools that improve communication, coordination, planning, monitoring, control and process optimisation. With this model we achieve the standardisation of processes, eliminating activities that do not add value, minimising risks and helping our employees to be more efficient. We encourage teamwork by involving all of our employees in the entire management of the company.

    Building Information Modeling (BIM): BIM technology allows us to construct buildings virtually before making them physically. With this tool, we anticipate problems and can correct them in the project. We draw the entire building in 3 dimensions including the structure, partitions, facilities, carpentry, etc. Any impediment or incompatibility is automatically detected.

  • Solvency

    The economic stability of companies is more important than ever in a sector that is experiencing some instability. It is essential to guarantee clients maximum security in their investments. To do this we have developed company policies based on a strict approach to the management of payments and collections . At UGAREN we believe in long-term sustainability, in the capitalisation of the company and in afirm and stable management policy. We carry out annual external audits that certify our financial solvency and provide proof of compliance with the obligations set out by the public administrations.




UGAREN has Aenor quality certifications in Business Management (ISO 9001: 2015), Environmental Management (ISO 14001: 2015) and Prevention of Occupational Risks (OSHAS 18001). We are currently in the process of updating to the new ISO 45001.

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